Saturday, March 17, 2012

Reading the Classics

Overheard today as the girls are having their morning splash as I dry my hair:

"First we're going to cut her head off and then we are going to chop her up and then we are going to have her for dinner."


They are playing with one of their many mermaid barbies, up to their armpits in shaving cream and soap.

"Good heavens girls! What kind of game are you playing????"

"We're playing Little House on the Prairie!"

"They don't eat people in the stories we've been reading!"

"We don't have any animals for them to eat. Pa goes hunting and brings back food but since we don't have any animals in the bath, we'll have to make due."

I admire their ingenuity and problem solving skills but wonder if they are really paying attention as I read. Tonight, more stories from Easter Island.

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